Demo 2016

by blight on society

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released October 22, 2016

Recorded by Max Maunz
Mixed by Max Maunz
Mastered by Trajan Smeeth
Artwork by Ryan Stark

Special Thanks to Jalen J. for letting us be apart of the GA Comp. Volume III and everyone who has supported us from the start. All songs are written and preformed by Blight on Society.

Juliana E. - vocals
Crystal W. - bass/vocals
Trajan S. - lead guitar
Max M. - 2nd guitar
Wayne S. - drums



all rights reserved


blight on society Alabama

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Track Name: Intro/Impact
Where I stand
there is no safe haven
Stuck in the sinking Sands of time
Weigh me down, rot into the earth
What will I leave behind
Will my time here be enough
Death follows me swiftly
Am I wasting time making change
And is it enough to
Impact you and everyone else.
Track Name: Ignorance
I woke up,
and told myself not to worry so much
this world is so cruel
and manned by such selfish fools.
Well I'm tired, on our destruction, and plotting for internal plague
While people keep dying
It's me against the world
it's me against their orders
it's me looking out for myself
And letting them kill themselves
It's me not giving in
It's me standing up for peace
And giving back to this earth
I turn my back-NOW!
No cure,
for ignorance,
you can't fix
I turn my back
let them die
We're too crowded
here anyway
this is not my concern
If we let ourselves
Create our own sickness
And not stop ourselves.
Track Name: Parasites
When were born and we die
we are
Nothing but overpopulated parasites.
Good for nothing HUMAN SCUM
Blindfolded we live our lives.

Nobody cares
what they trample over.
Selfish humanity
We're not fucking special
Our death is a relief
from reality
We drain this earth of its life
and it's quality

It's time for earth to wash her wounds-
Her wounds
because Parasites are
better off gone.
Track Name: Confinement
sentenced to death
is life worth it?
caged and crowded with no freedom.
weak, exhausted,
I'm now starved
this pain and suffering is all ignored.
Forced to march one by one
as I'll be cut & hung
a product for consumption and internal poison
brainwashed advertisement grabs us by the neck
a forceful swallow yet a slow death.
born to suffer
die in vain
rot in peace
forced order
no justice nor freedom
or mercy is given
falsify the truth and distract
the public from protest
sentenced to death, is life worth it?
caged and crowed with no freedom.
weak, exhausted, I'm now starved
this pain and suffering is all ignored.
Brainwashed advertisement
grabs us by the neck
a forceful swallow
And yet
a slow
born to suffer
die in vain
rot in peace
forced order
Track Name: Decomposed
Cover your eyes from the truth
Neglect what's corrupt and refuse
were weakening as a nation
at the clutches of the power hungry corporations
water drought will weed us out
the sun gets hotter earth wont last much longer.
we'll die off one by one,
soon enough we'll be DONE
Its pointless to extend our existence, too late for change
our fate is sealed for humanity, there's no going back.
now we'll see
we're all weak
and raised to be a petty leach
our selfish nature and lack of judgment
will only help to ENSURE destruction.
No Mercy
for us now
our last breathe
has no worth
with this earth
Track Name: Siphoned
Your lack of compassion boils my blood
Everyone's ignorance fuels my hate
While injustice weighs on my heart
I refuse to deny
Any beings innocent life
Yet we take and fucking take
Until there's nothing left
While society goes to shit
Still you take
Till there's nothing left
Act like it ain't wrong
Feed your habits
You're like the rest
Heartless and weak
In between with the crowd
Can't fight the norm
You can't even
Stand for yourself
You can't think for yourself
Go ahead and follow the rest